Artificial lawn glue coating line is a guarantee for lawn

來源:  時間:2020-01-07

Artificial turf is a common decoration now. Artificial turf has been quietly and slowly integrated into our life. It has to be said that artificial turf is used in many places, and its use is also very extensive. At the same time, the artificial lawn glue coating line provides guarantee for the lawn, and will not let the lawn fall off prematurely. Today, let's find out where the artificial lawn is mainly used in our life, and how to distinguish a good artificial lawn?


The simulated lawn used for leisure and entertainment is usually emerald green in color. In addition, the color is very uniform, and the leaves are also very thin. It is usually the artificial lawn with great ductility and is very resistant to trampling.

The artificial turf used in fitness sports is relatively diversified in types, mainly with the characteristics of corresponding buffer protection. Artificial turf also has the corresponding functions of soil conservation and wind protection. In addition, the artificial turf is much stronger than natural grass in the protection function against slipping, is not vulnerable to climate interference, and has a very long service life. Therefore, it is used in large quantities in football fields, badminton fields and other related fitness venues.

Schools and kindergartens are using artificial lawns. Many of them use colorful grass with bright colors, green blankets, and cute patterns to add more joy to children's reading, playing, and entertainment environments. In addition, the lawn is made of new environment-friendly materials, which are harmless and odorless, and do not have to worry about harming children's physical and mental health, so that children can develop in the context of physical and mental health.

The artificial turf of golf course usually uses short grass with high relative density. In addition to various high-quality characteristics of natural turf, there is also wear resistance. The construction of the project is simple: it can be laid on the basis of asphalt, concrete, hard sand and other places. The maintenance and protection process of artificial turf is different from that of traditional turf. The definition of place must "rest" is no longer available, However, proper protection and maintenance will increase the service life of the artificial turf. When the artificial turf is used for a period of time, it should be cleaned with white water to maintain its natural color, so that the quartz sand has a moderate foundation settlement and the turf can be protected steadily.

1、 Material identification method

1. Straw fiber material. Polyethylene (PE), with good cost performance ratio, is popular and widely accepted by the public; Polypropylene (PP), the grass fiber is hard, and easy to fiber. It is generally suitable for tennis court, playground and other purposes; Nylon (PA) is a better simulation lawn material, widely used in developed areas, and the price is high.

2. Bottom. Wool composite woven cloth, durable, good anti-corrosion performance, good adhesion to glue and straw thread, easy to firm, moderate price; Glass fiber and other materials are used at the bottom of the grid fiber, which is helpful to increase the strength of the bottom and the binding force of the grass fiber.

3. Glue. Styrene butadiene latex is a popular material in the market. Good performance, low cost, water soluble, but easy to leak glue; Polyurethane (PU) adhesive, with strength and binding force more than several times that of the above products, is durable, beautiful in color, non corrosive, moldy and environmentally friendly, but expensive as a general-purpose material.

2、 Type identification method

1. The models divided by the quality of grass fiber are judged. According to the quality of grass fiber, D is the unit for measuring the fiber size, and every nine kilometers is a unit. In principle, the larger the D unit is, the better the quality is.

2. The models classified according to the weaving method are judged. According to the weaving method, the artificial grass is divided into 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch. 5/32 inch, 5/16 inch; Straw density is a key indicator. Too sparse or too dense will have a negative impact on the quality of artificial grass products.

3、 Other identification methods

1. It can be observed and distinguished from the appearance of man-made grass products, such as structure, needle movement, glue scraping, color, bottom cloth, density, etc;

2. It can be identified by product technical indicators. It is more objective to evaluate the product quality ratio based on the product test data provided by LABOSPORT and ISA in Europe, such as specific test data of UV resistance, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, elasticity, flame retardancy and electrostatic prevention.

No matter how good the glue is, the glue line for artificial turf cannot always be sticky. When fixing the artificial turf, it must be fixed before the glue dries. Moreover, due to the increasing use of artificial turf, there are many businesses selling artificial turf or gluing with poor quality. Therefore, attention should be paid to the grass fiber materials of artificial turf when purchasing, especially the glue. Bad glue will cause the turf to fall off earlier.






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