Printing machine drying room


Printing machine drying room In order to ensure the thermal efficiency of printing machine drying room and the quality rate of printed fabric, the factory generally requires the machine table to clean the drying room every once in a while, remove the garbage on the guide belt, pull out the air outlet pipe, and clean the dye and loose fiber on the surface.

Hot air stenter is an indispensable equipment in every factory. Hot air stenter can reduce the shrinkage of finished cloth and adjust the handle of grey cloth. Make the fabric look more beautiful. It can also eliminate static electricity and improve the overall quality of products.

The heating mode can be divided into two types: open gas (or natural gas) flame heating (note that the circulating air shall be turned on first, then ignition) and closed heat exchanger (steam or high-temperature heat transfer oil circulation) heating. The fabric is dried on the polyester guide belt, and the hot air is sprayed up and down to avoid ups and downs of the fabric. During the second drying, the hot air is sprayed from bottom to top, and the fabric is pressed against the polyester guide belt.



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